10 ways to use your creativity to beat worry and anxiety

Worry is the misuse of imagination.

Here’s the thing, though. We are all endlessly creative. You can misuse your creativity or not create at all, but you cannot diminish your inherent creative ability and potential. Also, you can only focus on one line of thinking at the time: you can either create or misuse the creativity, but you cannot do both at the same time.

If we can then redirect our creativity, we can do something more productive. Find new ideas, solutions, and stop worrying so much.

1. Write the worst case scenario

2. Write the best case scenario

3. Help someone else

4. Use the mantra: “Nothing bad is happening”.

5. Action!

6. Choose higher thoughts

7. Make peace with your demons

8. Accept

9. Travel to the future

10. Turn your anxiety into an art form

In conclusion

Before you go

Engineer, researcher, creator, obsessed with lists of 10 ideas.

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