If you gained weight during Covid, read this

Image credit: Jason Leung, Unsplash.

Do you think that I could afford the luxury of worrying about gaining a few extra pounds? Hell no. I had much more pressing issues to deal with.

I took many measures to improve my physical and mental health, but among other things, what helped me stabilize substantially were the antidepressants that my psychiatrist prescribed.

We were taught not to be grateful for our miraculous healthy bodies. Instead, we developed highly abusive ways to relate to our bodies.

We don’t appreciate our abbs for enabling us to breathe, speak, stand straight, laugh, twist and whatnot, we treat them as Instagram props that should be showcased but only if they fit into the strict 6-pack box.

But whatever you do, make sure it comes from the place of love rather than hate and despair to fit into some imaginary standards.



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Engineer. Creator. Sustainability researcher. Obsessed w/focus, mental health, sobriety. On the quest to find gentler and more meaningful ways to live and work.