This Small Decision Improved My Mental Health

Image credit: Sixteen Miles Out, Unsplash.

However, the poison is in the dose.

Just like how too much water can kill you, too much of any good thing can become nasty and burdensome.

By perpetually being on the quest for self-improvement, you are somehow accepting the idea that you are not OK the way you are.

By always striving for more, faster, better, you are perhaps neglecting the possibility that your life may be perfectly fine the way it is. Perhaps your life is not a problem that needs to be fixed and you are not a broken individual in desperate need of another life hack and new life-changing habit.

  • Pandemic
  • Recession
  • Traveling restriction
  • My own health

This small decision made me much happier and had an immense impact on my mental health.

Note that I don’t think that quitting reading self-help is enough to overcome a full-blown mental health crisis. I did many, many other things: worked with a therapist, quit drinking, made more friends, changed my working habits, etc.

I admit that I am tired.

I am tired of goal setting. I don’t want some bro to tell me why I haven’t achieved my goals in 2021 and how he can help me do it in 2022. I don’t even know what my goals are.

Before you go…

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