Tired of cooking the same food all the time? Try these 8 simple hacks.

7 min readJan 30, 2022

Easy ideas for busy and exhausted people who love healthy food.

Image credit: Ella Olsson, Unsplash.

Almost 2 years into pandemics, we got sick and tired of pretty much everything. I know for a fact that for me, one big source of tiredness is cooking and meal planning.

It often feels like you need a ton of work just to make a quick meal that you and your family are going to inhale in 3 minutes, which leaves you with a bunch of dirty dishes. And a few hours later, dang it, everyone is hungry again. It is an endless cycle. I ate bananas and peanut butter directly from the jar for dinner many more times than I would like to admit. That’s an easy and well-balanced meal, right?

The worst part is that I used to love to cook. I saw it as a creative outlet, a new adventure into the world of flavors, a social event, and something that brings people together.

One of my all-time most popular posts on Medium is 10 Cooking Lessons You Can Use in Everyday Life.

Alas, the long periods of isolation, being at home all the time, cooking at home most of the time, not cooking with others and for others made me dread what I used to love: the art of cooking.

However, I didn’t want to give it up completely. The benefits of home cooking are multiple. Home cooking enables you to

  • eat healthily
  • save money
  • control your portions
  • be creative

I knew that I needed to make cooking more fun and results more appealing, rather than giving up on cooking altogether. Also, because my mental capacity is not at its peak (read: pandemic fatigue), I knew that hacks I wanted to find must be simple and easy, otherwise I would just throw in the towel and continue with bananas and peanut butter.

If you’re reading this, I imagine you too must be exhausted as well as hungry for some delicious food. You probably don’t want to become a master chef, yet…


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