To live a good life, learn to balance these forces (+ cool visuals)

Image credit: Chris Montgomery, unpslash.

In her first yoga class, Glennon Doyle Melton was shocked to learn that the two opposing forces pushing onto her body at the same time make her stand straight and strong.

The entire self-help industry is based on helping us solve our problems. A lot of their advice makes sense. Some are research-based and therefore should be more reliable. A lot of this stuff works really well until it doesn’t. And when the rug is pulled from underneath our feet, we start wondering why the renowned recipe did not work. And the problem is usually not the recipe itself, but our idea that complex situations can be solved by recipes, hacks, 3-step, 5-day challenges and all these kinds of things.

I became very cautious of everyone who claims that life is simple, and offers simple solutions to life’s big questions. Based on my experience, there are no simple, universal solutions. Except for being kind and loving to everyone, there is not one type of action that is equally good in all situations and for everyone. One size does not fit all and it never will.

Life is complex and ambiguous and confusing. Things often don’t make sense. The exactly opposite notions are often true at the same time. And we need to be wise enough to accept them as such. We need to create enough space in our souls to be able to embrace the contradictions.

Once you look throug all of the paradoxical seesaws, please write in the comments below which one resonated with you the most. Where have you been pushing too hard on one side, and could use a little bit of the opposite energy?

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