Tricky Part of Good Decisions We Rarely Talk About

Image credit: Antonio Feregrino, Unsplash.

Sure, endings are only concepts and contain the seeds of new beginnings which are expansive and energizing. But endings are also sad.

And you know what?

That is OK.

We rarely give ourselves a pause to sit and be in that uncomfortable space of grieving what we have overgrown, closed, and finished.

Even when we make an excellent decision, there will be some part of it that sucks.

And just because there is a part of it that sucks, it doesn’t make it less of an excellent decision. Something will always suck… and that’s OK. Sitting with that suckiness, grief, discomfort, fear, sadness, rage, FOMO, you name it, is the process through which we grow, expand, and become wiser and softer.

If you are endlessly optimizing in a search of excellent decisions that comes with no pain, discomforts, or downsides, do yourself a favor and embrace the messiness of life and decision-making.

Each good decision has the part that sucks. And that is OK. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it, it doesn’t mean you should never feel the pain, it doesn’t mean there is one perfect choice you will never rethink and regret in any way.

Before you go…

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