When you change, you’ll quickly encounter these 3 people

Image credit: Nick Fewings, Unsplash.

This was my first sober conference.

I quit drinking in July 2020, in the safety of my own small social bubble, and coming out to the world as a sober person was a gradual process.

Type #1: Sounds good!

Many people couldn’t care less about what you have ordered in a restaurant. They worry about their own business. Often, it happens that I order my sparkling water or the lemonade and people say nothing at all. That is an easy scenario.

Type #2: WTF?!

I wrote about this before and I will say it again: when you make a bold, empowered, and unconventional choice, you’ll piss some people off. There is just no other way around it.

Type #3: Can I join your club?

Lastly, there is a third type of person in this scheme. These people will make a sigh of relief and do the exact same thing as you did.

  • When we were on a camping trip and when I said that I won’t be drinking, a friend was ELATED to share LaCroix with me and not to have to drink over the weekend.
  • A reader from Medium told me that she was sober throughout December thanks to reading some of my posts about sobriety.
  • During the above-mentioned conference, a colleague took me to a nice Indian restaurant and he said that he was eager to order mango lassi because he was tired of drinking alcohol. He knew that would not judge him.

Before you go…

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